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Front Row NY fashion Week

Front Row New York Fashion:   America’s Next Top Model’ judge ‘Miss J’ Alexander @ Stephen Burrows, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen @ J. Mendel and Kelly Osbourne @ Badgley and Mischka  .


Fall 2012 – Milan and Paris

Menswear Fall 2012

KEY TRENDS: Texture, leather, color block, hats, mixed-fabrics, fur and shearling details

MINOR TRENDS: Velvet, prints and tie- dye, high heel, cropped pants, hats

Key words – fabric technology and craftsmanship

On January 11th menswear fashion designers started showing fall 2012 collection in Milan, followed by NY, London and Paris. Although sparsely, we’ve seen some similar recurring trends in the past seasons in some collections such as tie-dye for Prada and cotton prints for Dries Van Noten.  Currently, These trends are still influencing designers in pretty much all collections. However, there is a stronger attraction towards mixed-textures and new fabric technology. The trend is strong in several menswear collections and it is shown in jackets, pants, shirts, t-shirts, scarves, shoes and trench coats. Sometimes is a two-color jackets that shows a leather details in the collar or shoulder; Sometimes the outfit is a tie-dye wool suit with a shearling collars or woven wool/silk or leather contrast lapel. Some fabrics are reengineered in order to interweave wool and leather or wool and silk. The technology for these fabrics is amazing. Since menswear is still a conservative field compared to women’s wear, these new fabrics gives new possibilities to menswear designers to create more interesting clothes and accessories. Another growing trend is the return of the hats. We’ve seen the fedora hat with small and sometimes larger brims in: Moschino, Iceberg, John Richmond, Etro and Vivienne Westwood. The Beretta was also another hat seen in Burberry, Armani and John Richmond. Last season we saw “the cowboy hat” in Lanvin men’s wear show.  Lucas Ossendrijver, Lanvin menswear creative directors, preferred Montana Cowboy hat which has a wider brim as opposed to the fedora hat. Here, I chose the collection pieces that represent the season’s main trends. Pay close attention to the texture and the symbiosis of different fabrics and textures. All pics Fall 2012, courtesy

Photo 01 – Ann Demeulemeester, Photo 02  Bacca da Silva, Photo 03 – Alexander Macqueen,  photo 04 –Bally, Photo 05 – Botega Venetta , Photo 06 –Botega Venetta, Photo 07 – Botega Venetta, Photo 08 –Botega Venetta, Photo 09 – Burberry, Photo 10 –  Dolce and Gabanna,  Photo 11 – Dolce and Gabanna, Photo 12 – Dolce and Gabanna, Photo 13 – Dolce and Gabanna, Photo 14 – Dolce and Gabanna, Photo 15 – Fendi, Photo 16 – Fendi, Photo 17 – Marc Jacobs, Photo 18 – Valentino, Photo 19 – Versace, Photo 20 –  Versace , Photo 21 –  Versace, Photo 22 – Versace ,  Photo 23 –  Etro,  Photo 24 – Lanvin, Photo 25 – Miharayasuhiro

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